Globally working with Chemical Producers

We work with some of the largest chemical producers globally and understand that safety and environmental compliance are top priorities for plant managers and engineers trying to balance compliance and production. Regulators, government, local legislators, and neighboring communities are always cautious of operational activities.

Densit understand Compliance

Plant integrity is essential for meeting local and national requirements while maintaining productivity. During the CAPEX development phase or routine maintenance, utilising best engineering practices ensures efficient operation. This includes the handling of raw materials and product conversion through chemical reactions, which are of constant concern to operators.

Engineering technologies that cater to the cyclical nature of dry and hydraulic processing can help mitigate the effects of plant degradation.

How does the Industry Benefit?

Installing lining systems to counteract abrasion, erosion, or corrosion can extend the life of the processing plant and equipment by several times. In some cases, it can also reduce energy consumption by maintaining the internal bore geometry and creating a smooth surface, reducing friction and associated energy costs.

Protecting equipment with ceramic, metallic, or polymer lining systems has immediate benefits that far outweigh the cost of installation, such as reducing replacement, repair, or loss of production costs. Best engineering practice compliance and reduced risk of environmental contamination bring peace of mind to plant operation.

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