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As the demand for a diverse energy supply increases, the prevalence of EFW (Energy from Waste) plants in the marketplace continues to grow. To meet their commitments to local or national electricity distributors, plant operators need to ensure the reliability of their plants and equipment for waste handling and incineration. To achieve this, best engineering practices and technologies used by major utility suppliers can be implemented to improve plant efficiency and profitability. However, high frequency operation can cause wear and tear such as abrasion, corrosion, and erosion.

Extensive Experience in Power Generation Plants

Densit has extensive experience in mitigating wear and corrosion in power generation plants, prolonging the service life of processing equipment with our protection systems.

Our services cover the entire process, from waste receipt to the production of non-combustible residue and fly ash, ensuring that equipment can withstand the challenges of material handling.

In the incineration industry, materials can pose challenges due to their size, shape, and weight, but Densit understands these challenges and offers solutions.

Reduce Maintenance Operations

For example, installing low friction linings in reception hoppers can eliminate the need for mechanical aids or manual intervention to clear blockages.

Protecting internal components from excessive ash buildup and fine particle erosion caused by exhaust gases can prevent tube leaks and excessive stresses.

With the right approach, many maintenance operations can be reduced or even eliminated, as protective systems can reduce the need for constant repairs.

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