Maintain Control, Maintain Quality

The glass industry involves a variety of processes, equipment, materials, and technicians to maintain quality control and productivity. Automation is crucial as technology evolves and improves the industry's quality control. The availability of plant and equipment is essential for smooth operation. The handling of raw minerals and glass cullet, which are abrasive, is challenging for equipment, and failure could result in downtime. To avoid downtime's costs, the integrity of the equipment must be maintained. Densit has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, and protecting material handling equipment for the glass industry and feels confident in adding value to your plant and process.

Maintain Care of Equipment

The production of glass requires raw minerals and glass cullet that are tough due to their hardness and high conveyance speeds.

Equipment handling these materials are prone to intense wear and tear and any malfunction could lead to unplanned downtime, especially if the parts are located near or after the glass tank.

How to avoid Downtime

Continuous production is crucial, and unexpected downtime can be expensive in terms of time and resources. Thus, maintaining the reliability of the plant and equipment to withstand harsh conditions is a top priority.

Densit has extensive experience in the glass industry, having successfully designed, manufactured, and protected material handling equipment for conveying raw materials and recycling glass cullet through chutes and conveyors.

Based on our past success, we are confident in our ability to enhance the performance of your plant and equipment.