Mineral Processing

The mineral processing industry encompasses a wide range of activities that begin with the underground mining of raw materials, which are then processed before reaching the dispatch area. During this process, minerals may be subjected to various treatments such as crushing, screening, washing, drying, milling, separating, and blending, depending on the type of operation being conducted. The minerals are handled in mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic states, with conveyance speeds varying to suit the processes being performed.

Equipment Maintenance

The ever-present challenges faced by operational and maintenance teams in the mineral processing industry requires a high dependability of the equipment used in processing.

Although the equipment must be structurally sound to perform its intended tasks, it also needs protection from the wear and tear caused by the cyclical nature of the operation.

To address this issue, we provide reliable solutions based on a thorough understanding of the critical parameters identified by our engineers. Our solutions have been tested and are customised to fit the specific requirements of each operation.

Peace of Mind, with solutions by Densit

By employing our cutting-edge protection systems, we can significantly enhance the operation's efficiency and reliability.

By carefully evaluating the cost-benefit analysis, plant engineers can have peace of mind that investing in our solutions will yield optimal performance and minimise unexpected maintenance and repair costs.