The Use of Coal

Coal is an essential resource that will continue to be used despite growing restrictions on its use. Research into reducing its harmful effects is ongoing and will eventually make it a viable option for the world's energy needs. Despite declining use in the West, coal remains a major contributor to global bulk freight, especially when paired with iron ore.

Invest in Protection

The biggest challenge in handling coal is at the mine and processing plant, where handling its various sizes, types, and blends requires efficient equipment.

The industry has invested in machinery and protective techniques such as ceramic, metallic, and polymer lining systems to enhance efficiency and extend the life of equipment.

These systems can be incorporated into new equipment or added to existing plants, with the decision to invest in protection lying with the plant owners.

Lining Sytems in the Mining Industry

Protection is achieved through materials such as quenched and tempered steel or chromium carbide-clad plate for earth-moving equipment and ceramic, metallic, and polymer lining systems for coal processing equipment.

Polymer systems are especially effective in increasing the longevity of screen decks, centrifuges, flocculent tanks, and coal storage equipment.

Although protective materials have a higher initial cost, they pay off in a short time and save on replacement and installation costs.