Oil Extraction Concerns

The process of extracting oil or liquid from drilling wells (onshore and offshore) and refining it involves many activities that must address critical concerns such as the environment, safety, quality, and profitability. Despite criticism, the oil industry continues to invest in technology for cleaner, safer, and more efficient operations to stay ahead with best engineering practices.

Do you have Protected Equipment?

During extraction, the equipment used to handle and recycle drilling mud from cuttings is subject to extreme abrasion due to the high volumes and velocities involved.

To ensure continuous operation, it's crucial to have robust and protected equipment. Our metallic and ceramic materials improve efficiency by protecting conveying parts that endure abrasion, reducing replacement and downtime costs.

Understand Industry Standards

In the refinery, the stages of separation, conversion, and treatment put the equipment used for pumping, separating, and processing oil under stress from mechanical, thermal, and friction forces.

To meet industry standards and ensure operator and environmental safety, the equipment must withstand rigorous tests and performance criteria.

Integrating a system into these assets can increase productivity and extend their service life, leading to a significant ROI when cost vs payback is calculated.