Understand the Wood Processing Industry

Densit's involvement in the wood processing industry appears to grow annually. With the trend towards using biomass instead of fossil fuels in power generation, the wood industry faces pressure to use more recycled materials. This has led to most finished goods being made by mixing recycled materials with traditional lumber. However, contamination during felling and handling has caused some plant degradation, and the challenge of protecting the equipment from wear has become critical due to the increased use of recycled materials in the process.

Leader in Wear-Resistant Lining Systems.

Densit has been a leader in using wear-resistant lining systems in the industry for many years.

With substantial success in all parts of the plant, we are confident in offering a solution that significantly prolongs the service life of processing plant and equipment.

To be successful, a deep understanding of the process is required to provide the right solution, and our work with both end-users and OEMs has saved the industry countless amounts of money in replacement equipment costs.

Solutions to Industry Problems

From the initial planning stage of new plants to upgrading existing processing equipment, our expertise can bring added value by offering advice on design, production methods, and most importantly, protection, resulting in improved plant availability and higher ROI.

With our help, the value of your assets won't deteriorate as quickly as before.